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Bidding for Paid Placements - A quick and effective way to bid on a word or phrase within the primary search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN) that potentially will increase your online sales. This is a custom service developed by professionals who know how to get the best words for the best price. This takes daily management and we often are asked by some clients,

Can we do it ourselves? The answer is yes but… Pay Per Click management professionals survey the campaign landscape daily, the competition can be intense and a word that is highly sought out can be very expensive. There is intricacy in the language used to develop an effective “Call to Action" phrase, intuition exercised as to which word to bid on, and scientific analysis imposed in the metrics of bidding and reporting. This is truly where vision engages science building success. The age old adage of you get what you pay for couldn’t be more relevant because part of the management includes monitoring and enhancing conversion click through to sales – PPC can be an effective tool that gives your company a world wide web sales force for pennies on the phrase. To perform an effective campaign the following tactics are required:

  • Find the most effective keywords
  • Match the target market to relevant keyword phrases
  • Write effective PPC ads following the Search Engine rules
  • Winning combination Ad Titles
  • Write compelling “Call to Action" phrases
  • Smart Pausing of campaign
The most significant aspect is that each GTI PPC campaign is custom for your business, designed and managed by professionals who monitor performance daily.
Paid Inclusion - Results from this type of paid advertising can be measured quickly, sometimes in a matter of days instead of months for organic search or pay per click ads. Paid Inclusion is a marketing product offered by search engine companies such as Yahoo! Fees are charged related to the inclusion of your website into their search index usually with that fee being good for an annual subscription for one webpage and set up to automatically index on a regular basis.
Site Submissions for your website
- You may know already that Site Submissions are a critical part of the process for getting your website crawled by Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, improving site performance and in turn improving your Return on Investment (ROI). The goal for your site is to improve your online business and convert visitors into customers.
We use technological as well as organic methods for our Site Submissions
-state of the art software to predict the best sites to seek out and get your site submitted on, so you will have what is called ‘Link popularity.’ This means that your site grows in popularity the more sites that are linked back to you. Along with high-end technology we also include the human touch. Our SEO specialists extensively research to find industry specific sites on which to invite placement of your site and they also write specific tags and descriptions for relevant placement. Relevancy is a key to site submissions and we are experts at accomplishing this for you.
Search Engine Optimization Monthly Management
- Regarding your site getting more leads we think it would be a great advantage to have GTI manage the Search Engine Optimization segment for your website. It’s important for you to see results from your website, know where the leads are coming from, how many visitors come to the site, how many return, how long they stay and at what point they leave the site. This website analytical process is pretty much like writing a good journalistic report making sure there are answers the questions – who, what, when, where and why?

SEO management includes the following: You will have your own dedicated SEO Account Specialist with whom to communicate directly, yes a real person to talk to! That specialist will:
  • Run and review monthly reports from a Statistical Reporting Software package
  • Modify keywords as needed
  • Review website content
  • Run Word Critical reports
  • Modify Meta data including writing title tags and descriptions as needed
  • Resubmit pages to Search Engines with ongoing site submissions
  • Monitor website Page Rank weekly

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